SeatShare is the easiest way to manage group season tickets for more than 2,800 professional and college sports teams!


Join or create a new group to share your season tickets with friends and coworkers.


Your favorite teams are available with up-to-date schedules. Plan the entire season.


List a single game or an entire season of tickets to share with your group. Sit with people you know.


Send a message to the entire group, or just a few members. Our site is mobile friendly, too.


Recieve an SMS text message when someone requests a ticket or assigns one to you. Respond quickly from your phone.

... and more!

SeatShare is web-based software, so you get the latest features as soon as they are released.

Getting Started

Everything in SeatShare is organized around the idea of a group. A group is a collection of users (like you!) that often purchase season tickets or receive them from a friend. Generally, a group consists of folks that you know and trust already.

Calendar of Events

When you join or create a group, you will see a list of ‘Events’ for that team or venue. In most cases, these are individual games in the season ticket package. These are pre-loaded in the system for each team and venue available.

Need Tickets?

If you want to attend an event, find an available ticket and use the dropdown menu to “Request” the ticket. This will send a message to the ticket holder saying that you want to attend that event. Ticketholders can then update the ticket’s assignee.

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